Cyberathlete Valorant Collegiate Season 1 finals is over. But the fun continues with a great wrap event – CVCI Chinese New Year Charity Celebration! to complete off this amazing season. The idea of the New Year celebration is to honor friends, family, and to wish everyone good luck, health and prosperity in the new year. These are values Cyberathlete would like to promote and perpetuate. For the celebration, we will be inviting 10 teams from the regional finals to play for their favourite Charity cause. Join us then!

• Dates: Feb 27th and 28th (Saturday and Sunday)
• Each team will only be playing one match on one of the two days. Each Match will be Three Maps
• 2 teams from the following territory: 2 Singapore / 2 Thailand / 2 Taiwan / 2 Philippines / 2 Indonesia.
• Each team will be playing for a charity that will be given a Red Envelope of $250
• It does not matter if the team wins or loses, both teams and charities get Red Envelopes

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